How does Wix's "web design for dummies" approach handle shopping carts, selling digital goods like audio files and images, and online payments? Read on to learn how I made simple e-commerce site to sell audio files in about 30 minutes.

I fired up Wix  with the goal of building a simple store for a digital goods, for example, audio files.

I chose the "online business" site:

I then picked the option to customize my own site. You'll then see a list of templates - I chose one for selling skateboard hats (not pictured).

Wix tries to force you into tutorials - a video tutorial upon opening the site editor, a tutorial for creating a Wix Store. I skipped them.

Clearing your digital store

Click on "store manager" (shopping bag icon on left side, 2nd from bottom) and go to "manage your store":

First things first, I deleted all of the skater hat products (I want to sell audio files), and chose "New product", "upload", then chose a "zip" file.

Creating your digital product

I dragged and dropped a digital asset (can be anything music, image, whatever) into the file browser window.

Once the audio file is done uploading, you can add that file to a product (with the file "checked", click "Add to product". This is nifty - if you had multiple  assets (songs, ebooks, etc.) to package as one product, you can do that here. Pretty much any kind of digital product or good could be sold here.

Naming & pricing your digital goods

Now that we've added the audio file (or whatever digital asset you'd like), let's add some info for this product, like a name, price, etc. I added a ribbon, a price, a discount. I'm not sure what a ribbon is... but it sounded cool.

I scrolled down and clicked "add image". I'm hoping that I can add a GIF...

Success! I noticed a section with some other cool promotional options, but didn't tinker.

Turning on payments - let's sell this thing!

I then added some payment methods via the store manager:

The payment method activation flow was a bit of a downer. It says it's available to customers, but you can't accept payments until you upgrade. Mixed messaging...?

Customizing the theme

With the product and payments out of the way, designing the site with Wix is pretty straightforward. On the left, I used the "pages" menu item to navigate to different pages. On the homepage I found myself deleting site copy and sections, dragging the lower sections up to replace the deleted ones, clicking into elements to change text, etc.** Within a few minutes I had the simple, one-product site of my dreams:**

See my absurd digital asset e-commerce Wix site

Open for business (sort of)

The finished product is actually not half bad for the time put into it. Note - the payment flow won't activate until you upgrade.

Verdict: I was up and running selling digital products quickly, and I was quite happy with the visual and interaction design of the finished site, as well as the functioning shopping cart. Do note that you need to upgrade to accept payments, though.

Get Wix to sell digital goods here now!

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