Many lucrative businesses are based on scraping and processing data found on public websites. App Annie is a great example - their (now massive) business started off by scraping the lists of apps on the app stores. I wanted to see if I could build a system that monitored changes in a webpage list of top 100 cryptocurrencies and emailed me with any changes - without any coding at all.

Enter, a service which takes a web URL you give it and spits out excel, csv, Google Sheets, or PDF reports of items on that page. You can use it to monitor e-commerce prices, get notified of trending items, etc.

With, I was able to create my cryptocurrency monitoring system for free within about thirty minutes, and all with no coding.

Get started by signing up (it's free to try) on the website. Then put in a URl to scrape.

After putting in the URl of a top cryptocurrency wbsite, scanned the page for lists of items it could extract:

The reports are in multiple formats (excel, csv, pdf) and easy enough to read. The key here is that I chose these columns, and they are filled only with new items discovered by every hour when it scrapes the website:

While this wasn't integrated into a Google Sheets directly, Blockspring is integrated with so you can do just that. We'll have to check that out next time!

Keep on Learning!