You've got a spreadsheet full of data.

How do you quickly get this data up as an API endpoint for use in Websites/Web-Apps/Mobile-Apps?

This article will show you the simple steps to get here

Mac OS X or Linux Based Machine
Python and pip installed (usually this is already there by default)
Let's Begin:

Step 1) Start with your data in the spreadsheet

Step 2) Download your spreadsheet as a CSV file (comma seperated values)

Step 3) Use a csv -> json convertor. I will use Download the Json File created.

Step 4) Now I have the json file I am going to serve using Flask.

Step 5) Install Python Flask on your machine.

        $ pip install Flask

Step 6) Create a directory folder and a "data" sub-folder. Add your data.json to the "data" folder.

Step 7) In your main directory. Create a new python file called

Step 8) Open your file in a text editor (like notepad or sublime) and add the following 8 lines of code.

        from flask import Flask, render_template
        from flask import url_for

        app = Flask(__name__, static_url_path='/static')

        def send():
            return "file" % url_for('static', filename='data.json')

        if __name__ == '__main__':

Step 9) In your terminal navigate to your folder where the file is sitting.

    > cd api
    > flask run

This should start the Flask server locally on your computer. Likely http://localhost:5000

If you navigate in your browser to the URL http://localhost:5000/static/data.json you should now have an endpoint that is serving an array of JSON data, ready for use in your application.

You have just created your first API endpoint and a simple web-server to boot


Keep on Learning!