We're big fans of Appsheet, a humble but feature-rich no-code app builder primarily for small organizations doing fieldwork and collecting offline data. To make it easier to understand what Appsheet offers, we put together an at-a-glance tour of their sample apps.

The Appsheet site has a useful list of sample apps which you can use live and even copy to modify to your own use. You could spend hours tinkering with the apps they have (we did) discovering the kinds of apps Appsheet can exel at powering. We decided to remix pictures of those sample apps here by feature category so that, at a glance, you can get a sense of what a sample app on Appsheet looks like.

A visual tour of Appsheet sample app features

Gallery-style menu

Image galleries need no explanation. Appsheet offers flexible display (and we'll see in a bit, user submission) of photos (often as part of a menu or navigation) which can be clicked on. These photos can be associated with properties, products, tasks, etc.

Menus can be enriched in many ways. Besides being nested or having categories, you can also place status or clickable icons in-line. They can have real-time calculation, or even serve as a step-by-step guide.

Items on a page - Fields & statuses

Items in your app's database will likely have many traits that a user can edit. Appsheet supports a myriad of user-editable data types and inputs, and you can display statuses next to the information in them.

Icons and action items

Notice all the different kinds of buttons you can place on a page:

Trigger an email, call, or SMS

Pages and fields can have icons that trigger other communication workflows on the users phone:

Photos can be added/ submitted

The user can tap on the photo to trigger a photo selector or simply zoom in, if not editable:


Users can drag the point, search by place name or latitude/ longitude. The Appsheets sample apps do a great job of showing off the map functionality.

Data goodies - charts and calculators

You can create calculators with input validation ie., refuse to accept high/ low/ no values, and dynamically generate charts based on user!

Force a user through a set of pages

Aka fixed-flow, or multi-page flow, or "do what I say and input this stuff now":


We hope you enjoyed this visual tour of the Appsheet app builder. Run over to Appsheet's live sample app explorer to try them out yourself! And note that there's lots of functionality not covered here or in the sample apps - get a free account to see for yourself.

Keep Learning!