What is Barely Built?

Barely Built is a resource for people who want to build high-quality, functional digital products with little or no coding.

Thanks to the next generation of web and app builders like Bubble.is, Dropsource, Sheetsu, and Zapier which have emerged in the past few years, you can now build not just a prototype but a fully-funtioning mobile app or website with little technical background. No longer is your imagination as limited by needing a CTO or developer to build something interesting online, and we hope to guide you through this process with our detailed, friendly guides.

Barely Built was indeed barely built by Nick and Zach:

Nick is a serial entrepreneur who has scaled web and mobile games to millions of monthly active users with a top Silicon Valley company. He has experience across the full spectrum of app development from user research, design, launch, and viral and revenue optimization.

Zach is a full-stack developer who has built from scrach over a hundred consumer sites and mobile apps for clients across the world. He is happy to set aside his deep tech knowledge to show you how to build things without a lick of coding.

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